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About G-Force & Long Shifters

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Long's Machine & Tool, parent company of G-Force and Long's Shifters, has been producing high performance transmissions and shifters used by many of today's top Sprint Cup and NHRA racers for more than 14 years. The company's products are engineered using the most up-to-date CNC machining technology and computerized inspection equipment to optimize accuracy and repeatability. Since 1979, Long's has manufactured parts for the aerospace industry and military fighter jet contractors, assuring the quality and reliability of their components meets or exceeds the highest standards. Long's research and development team continually strives to design components that are stronger, lighter, or more efficient.

No Compromise in Quality

All G-force transmissions and Long Shifters are continually checked and rechecked during the entire production and assembly process to ensure the highest quality components. Testing and inspection is performed using the latest measuring systems, microscopes and hardness testers, and we use independent metallurgy and destructive testing to ensure quality.