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This page will aid you in your search for technical information, answers and trouble shooting questions regarding G-Force Transmissions and Long Shifters. Anywhere you see the icons listed below within the website these icons will take you to a page of technical data specific to each G-Force Transmission.

View Parts Schematics / Order Parts Online
Wherever you see this icon you can view parts schematics for the different transmissions and order parts on-line. Please understand, when ordering parts on-line you are placing a request for parts. A G-Force representative will call you to review your order. View parts schematics for the G-101, GF-5R and the GF-2000. Exploded view only of the GSR and the GF4A.


View Ratio Charts (Adobe Acrobat Reader pdf files)
Wherever you see this icon you may view the various ratio charts of each transmission. When viewing any ratio chart you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in. This is a free download. If you do not have adobe acrobat please click here to get your free copy.
View ratio charts for the G-101, GSR, GF4A, Street 5-Speed, Street 6-Speed, Honda B Series Dog Ring, GF-5R and the
Build Data Sheets / Purchase a transmission
Wherever you see this icon displayed you will view a Build Data sheet. This form is the first step to purchasing a custom built G-Force Transmission with your specific requirements. This information, provided by you, will be filled out and is necessary information for the G-force Engineers. Please feel free to call 717-202-8367 should you have any questions regarding this form. View Build Data Sheets/Purchase a transmission for the G-101, GF-5R and the GF-2000.
Tech Advice
Should you require help in purchasing the correct transmission for your car or application please visit our on-line technical advice.
Here you will find the symptom, cause and solution to commonly asked questions and procedures regarding G-Force transmissions. This page will help you isolate problems you may be experiencing with your G-Force transmission and Long shifter.

Make sure you check back frequently for updates to this page.