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GT4 Transmission

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Our new GT4 is virtually a direct replacement for the T10-style or Muncy-style transmission as it has both standard GM and Ford bolt patterns, similar crossmember mounting dimensions, and various shifter setbacks available.  It is an internally shifted, center shift transmission whereas the T10 is an externally shifted unit that has the shifter on the left side of the transmission.  This center shift design allows the GT4 to fit more easily into newer cars and also allows the driver to be moved further towards the center of the car, very similar to what our GSR transmission accomplishes.   Shifting is vastly improved over the T10, or any other “brass ring” synchronized transmission for that matter, due to the “composite” synchros that have been adapted from a modern, technically superior design. 

Also, with circle track racing in mind, we’ve designed the GT4 with an updated gearing design and tighter fitment of the case to the front countershaft gear, allowing for over an inch of additional ground clearance based on the T10.   gt4 gear kit    
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