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G-101 4-Speed Transmission

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The G-101 racing 4-speed transmission is the ultimate in 4-speed performance. This transmission can be built as a clutchless or clutch assisted model and has a wide range of applications. The G-101 is primarily used for drag racing only, but can also be used in street/strip vehicles. This transmission is capable of handling the power of some of the fastest Super Stock, Stock, NMRA, NMCA, NSCA, and import vehicles. The G-101 has virtually endless drag racing applications where a 'super duty' clutch assisted transmission is required. The gears in this model are extra wide to ensure long gear life and optimum performance. This transmission can be used with a Long H-pattern or Vertical Gate shifter. Many of the Super Stock and NSCA competitors have switched to the G-101 for improved reliability.
      The G-Force G-101 4-Speed
      Transmission is shown above
      with the Long V-Gate Shifter.

Available options are a magnesium case option and needle bearing output. The magnesium case option saves approximately 6 lb. over the aluminum version and the needle bearing output is ideal for nearly any application that involves an exceptionally high-reving engine and/or excessive horsepower.

Excessive power handling is what the G-101 is all about. This transmission is without a doubt the best value in 4 speed transmission technology due to its' exceptional power handling and low price. Available with nearly any ratio you can think of, the G-101 is the ultimate 4 speed. For 4 speed applications in excess of 1000 horsepower the GF-5R model is recommended.