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GF4A Transmission

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The G-Force GF4A is without question one of the strongest, most reliable 4 speed racing transmissions available for your circle track or road racing application. Exceeded only by G-Force’s own GSR in terms of strength and reliability, the GF4A is the ideal transmission for applications requiring a conventional style, externally shifted gear box. With its dual bearing center support and integrated midplate, the GF4A is a very compact and versatile transmission. The center support plate not only holds the main shaft in place during excessive aGF4Abuse, but holds the counter shaft in position as well. This design virtually eliminates shaft separation even under the most severe circumstances. The integrated midplate design offers superior rear bearing support and further eliminates the possibility of costly leaks. This design has been proven to be very effective in the G-Force GSR transmission and has now been incorporated into the GF4A as well.


      The G-Force GF4A
      Transmission is shown above
      with the Long HT-4000 4-Speed H Pattern Shifter.

The GF4A uses a standard-of-the-industry 32 spline output shaft and can be had with nearly any input shaft desired. The transmission can be built with virtually any ratio combination required and because all gears are directly interchangeable, ratio changes are seemingly effortless. Both the main case and tailhousing are cast of high-quality magnesium and are strategically reinforced for added strength. All cases and tailhousings are coated for surface protection and ease of cleaning. Any standard H-Pattern shifter can be used with the GF4A, but Long Shifters are highly recommended to extract the maximum performance from these transmissions.

To add to the versatility of the GF4A, an internal oil pump can be fitted directly to the transmission case which eliminates the need to have a stand-alone oil pump to circulate oil through the transmission and cooler. This pump is gear driven via the counter shaft drive gear which improves efficiency and greatly reduces the likelihood of pump failure due to broken drive belts.