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Honda B & K Series Dog Ring

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B Series  

Honda Transaxle

Once again G-Force Transmissions shows why they are rated #1 in customer service and product advancements. Introducing the Honda “B” Series Dog Ring gear set available for Honda and Integra applications. These kits allow for increased horsepower, without giving up stock/factory location. Depending upon your application the Honda “B” Series transmission will handle roughly 600 horsepower.
(Call for your specific application).

Weighing in at approximately 80 pounds, internals are manufactured utilizing high nickel 9310 material providing exceptional strength.   B Series   B Series Assembled
Advancements include a stronger bottom cluster and a handcuff in place of fifth gear. By utilizing a different bearing on the bottom of the cluster shaft we eliminated the weak design of the “snap ring”. The gears are all dog ring with increased gear width for added strength.
"B" Series Ratios
Available ratios:
1st 35/12 2.92
2nd 30/16 1.88
3rd 28/20 1.40
3rd 27/20 1.35
4th 25/23 1.09
4th 24/24 1.0
Final Drive ratios:
52/13 4.0
52/12 4.33
52/11 4.73
Now available:
Steel handcuff for the front of the transmission case






K Series  

K Series


K Series

K Series Assembled
"K" Series Ratios
Available ratios:
1st 2.92  
2nd 1.88  
3rd 1.40  
4th 1.09  
Final Drive ratio:





      Honda Shifter
Available options:
G-Force Shifter (can be used for virtually any transaxle application)