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Why Use G-Force and Long Shifters

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G-Force Transmissions and Long Shifters have been used by a multitude of successful racers throughout the past. When we, here at G-Force/Long Shifters, set out to design and build a new product or make changes to an existing one, we call on our diverse strengths in different engineering and manufacturing fields. We have established a keen eye for quality after years of manufacturing primarily aerospace and military products, along with the ever popular, championship-winning Long Shifters. When coupling this manufacturing ability to the latest engineering techniques and real world testing procedures, G-Force/Long Shifters is able to easily outdistance the competition in terms of quality, performance, and availability. G-Force Transmissions/Long Shifters has a very strong testing program that includes quite a few world champions in their respective fields.

With the likes of Brad Personett and a host of others performing continuous testing with G-Force Transmissions and Long Shifters in their Pro Stock Cars and Trucks, we have accumulated multitudes of on-track test data. All of this test information is then reviewed and changes are made accordingly in order to produce a better transmission or shifter. However, this is not the only form of racing and/or testing G-Force/Long Shifters is involved with.

Racers like Jeff Kincaid, and Art Schmitt, just to name a few, have been utilizing G-Force Transmissions and Long Shifters in their race-winning off road trucks for the past few years. Our products have also had extensive road race testing and have logged thousands of miles on road courses throughout the world. As with our extensive drag race testing, valuable feedback is obtained from these off road and road racing individuals and is then pooled with our other types of test vehicles and interpreted accordingly. Due to the diversified types of racing that we are involved with, we are able to design products to accommodate virtually all types of racing in any form.

We here at G-Force/Long Shifters have not necessarily concentrated on the professional levels. In fact, the majority of our sales each year come from sportsmen racers, muscle car enthusiasts, import drag racers, and road race/off road racers. We have some of the most successful racers in these types of categories using our products including: Ara Arslanian, Matt Hartland, Pete Rodriguez (Austi Pro Stock Champ), Abel Ibarra of Flaco Racing, Sakura Motorsports of Puerto Rico, Jeff Taylor of the NHRA, Mike Sodano of the NMRA. There are too many more to list including stockers, super stockers and competition eliminator, and beyond.

Our company also offers technical advice on drivetrain setups or problems that you may have with your existing drivetrain. If you are new to manual transmissions or you are changing your vehicle setup and need help with gear ratios, we would be happy to assist you. Also, if you are unable to determine which transmission or shifter would best suit your needs, give us a call.

Here at our facility, our personnel are dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and assembling G-Force Transmissions and Long Shifters. This includes over 60 employees that have vast technical experience in their respective fields. With these key assets available to us, we are able to provide the highest levels of quality and availability found anywhere in the racing industry.