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Transmission Worksheet

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Please fill out this worksheet if you would like help or advice in selecting the proper transmission type and model or if you would like ratio recommendations.
Make and Model of Vehicle:  
Year of Vehicle:  
Type of Usage:  
(Please be as specific as possible i.e., drag race, road race, off road, open road race, street/strip, etc.)
Are you looking to get a 4 or 5 speed?   4 speed 5 speed
(not sure? - no problem)
Do you need a speedometer provision?    yes no
(available on GF-5R only)
Do you need a "clutch assisted" or "clutchless" transmission?
clutch assisted clutchless
(note: clutchless can ONLY be used for "drag racing only" applications)
Approximate weight of vehicle:  
Type of rear- 9 inch., 12 bolt, 8.8, etc.:  
Rear ratio (if known):  
Tire Size:  
(if known width,diameter, rim diameter)
Engine Size, (cubic inches - 2 or 3 rotor):  
Power adders:  
(none, nitrous, turbo, blower)
Approximate horsepower:  
(with nitrous-if it is used)
If drag racing, do you leave the line on Nitrous? yes no
Type of rear suspension:  
(stock, ladder bar, 4-link, etc.)
Type of front suspension:  
(stock, coil-over, etc.)
Chassis type of vehicle:  
(stock, "back halved", or full tube)
Is this vehicle street-driven AT ALL? yes no
If street-driven, about what percentage of the time?  
(10%,50%,90%, etc.)
Please express below any other information that you may feel is important in helping us in determining what your transmission needs may be.

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