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Now you can gain the competitive edge with drivetrain components that can handle the increased power, torque, and traction of today’s high performance racing and street machines. G-Force and Long Shifters manufactures superior aftermarket automotive transmissions and shifters that are built to the highest standards for today’s highly competitive racing environment. Described by many as being the smoothest shifting transmission setup they have ever driven.

G-Force Transmissions and Long Shifters are the driveline components of choice for many pro stock cars and trucks as well as road race cars, off-road vehicles and high performance street machines.

G-Force Transmissions—Stronger, Lighter, More Efficient
G-Force transmissions utilize a facetooth engagement system to ensure reliable shifting at speeds exceeding 14,000 RPM. All gears are manufactured from military grade 9310 high nickel alloy steel to hold up under severe torque loads. The gears are also designed extra wide for more tooth contact, and excessive weight is removed for decreased inertia. A crowned profile is ground onto each gear after heat treating for more precise tolerances, then shot peened to add an extra level of strength.
In addition to superior gear design, the GF-5R and the GF-2000 utilize a split-case design. All transmissions are cast from high quality aluminum and magnesium alloys for maximum strength and minimal weight. Bearing supports are strategically located near each gear for the utmost stiffness, and low-friction roller bearings are incorporated in all gears and main shafts for near friction-free operation. All G-force transmissions use a Rail Fork design for smooth, effortless shifting with little wear.
GF4AGF-2000 GF-5R

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Long Shifters
Long Shifter’s are made of durable, heat-treated steel and machined using state-of-the-art CNC machining and laser technology. Each unit is hand-built by our factory-trained technicians and thoroughly tested so it arrives ready for installation.

All shifters are black-oxided to add a professional appearance and to protect against rust. An optional titanium shifter for the GF-2000 is also available for the ultimate in low weight and high strength.

If you own a Longs 4-speed or 5-speed in-line shifter and wish to upgrade to Longs 4-speed or 5-speed Pistol Grip Shifter please call- 717-202-8367.