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GF-5R 5-Speed Transmission

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     The G-Force GF-5R 5-Speed
     Transmission is shown above
     with the Long V-Gate Shifter.
The GF-5R transmission has a wide range of applications. Some of these often include: drag racing (both clutchless and clutch assisted), road racing, off road, and street/strip vehicles. Like the G-101, this transmission can be used as a 4-speed if an overdrive is desired, or a 4th gear if 1:1 is not adequate. This transmission also has many custom applications which may include: dragsters or roadsters, import vehicles, salt flat vehicles, and open road racing. The possibilities for using this transmission are virtually endless.Like all of our models, this transmission comes with your choice of a Long H-Pattern or Vertical Gate shifter. An air shifter can be specified as optional for drag racing applications as well.
Other available options for this model are REM micropolished gears, needle bearing output (with includes Mark Williams hardened yoke), and a torsion bar. The torsion bar option is essentially what it sounds like. This is a long bar that runs through a hollow countershaft. This bar is connected to the input drive set at one end and to the rear of the counter shaft at the other end via splines. The idea behind the torsion bar is that the power transfers through this bar and consequently twists it slightly, but only for an instant. This power is then transferred to the counter shaft itself (the outer tube), thus driving the vehicle forward. This twisting action helps relieve some of the impact that normally gets transferred directly to the gears. This option is mostly utilized in considerably heavy cars (generally 3,000 lb. or more) or cars with a very "stiff" clutch.

Most drag racing clutches today need only a few hundred pounds of pressure to perform well. The more the clutch pressure, the more impact that transfers to the gear teeth. The clutch technology utilized in a vehicle is largely dependent upon the type of transmission used. When using a high performance transmission such as the GF-5R, it is very important to consider these things.

The GF-5R 5 speed transmission is most definitely a high performance unit. This transmission has benefited from years of development and has proven its' worth in the realm high performance. With proven excessive horsepower handling capability and low price as compared to its' closest competitors, it is without question the best value in 5 speed racing transmission technology.